Girls Hairy Thighs Are a Big Turn Off


Upper legs hair is generally thinner than the hair that grows on the lower parts of the leg, and the inner thigh skin is usually a more sensitive skin than the lower calves and legs. This means that the hair removal process can be similar as you know it, but has some big differences you can’t afford to over look.

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1. Shaving upper thighs – Shaving the inner thigh, can leave some unwanted effects. The hair that was shaved by the razor (which probably had a soft hair texture) will grow in a few days as new stumps, more thick than the hair shaved. Because of the sensitive area, where the jeans are tighter on the legs, the rough feeling can be very annoying. You can expect some red bumps and rash after a shaving, and thighs will turn reddish and sore.

2. Waxing inner thighs – Waxing leave the skin smoother than shaving and smoother for a longer period of time. The main thing you must consider before waxing the upper leg, is that the thighs are very close to the gentiles and the sex organs. Burns can occur when hot wax is placed on the legs. Be careful especially at the inner thighs where the skin is more sensitive.

3. Depilatory creams for the thigh – The depilatory creams are severe chemicals that dissolve the hair itself; they can cause an allergic reaction, especially at the sensitive upper thighs. The best advice would be to buy depilatory which is safe on pubic hair, read product labels to find one that says it’s safe to use on the „bikini“ area or genitals.

4. Epilators for upper thigh- Epilator machines pluck hair in groups. You need to know the pain is surprisingly less at the upper inner thigh because the hair are thinner and can be more easily pulled away. Epilating can cause ingrown of hairs, while the hairs are pulled together some can well indeed break inside the follicle. Do not try to use epilator on the gentiles skin it’s too soft and the skin will be painfully pulled too, not allowing the hair to be plucked.

5. Electrolysis hair removal for the thighs – Electrolysis is when an electric current is sent to the hair root, killing it. Since every hair has to be dealt with at a time, electrolysis is a very slow procedure, usually done for small specific hair removal. For example Electrolysis for the armpits can take hours! So Electrolysis on the inner thighs will need multiple sessions which mean a very expensive costly side effect. One thing important to say is electrolysis is the true permanent hair removal procedure.

6. Laser hair removal for the thighs – Laser hair removal for the thighs is probably the most suitable removal solution for many. Laser treatment can be done on larger skin areas, more quickly than electrolysis, less painful than epilators, and more permanent than waxing. It might be a bit painful because the skin is sensitive as you go up the thigh till the genitals. The laser removal treatments are safe but cost a few hundred dollars for each session, and in some cases a maintenance sessions are needed every year or so.

So take the time to examine which of the removal methods is the best one for you, do you have the spare money for laser or electrolysis, can you stand the pain of epilators. Can you risk waxing so close to the bikini line? Maybe after all shaving every other day, is the best way for you.

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